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gloria speaking

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Tana Goertz (former President Trump Senior Advisor) and Gloria at the NEW CALIFORNIA CONVENTION

Proud of our UPS son, Franz

Oma and granddaughter, Laurel

I helped make a quilt for Laurel for her 18th birthday



Old friends are best friends: Fred, gloria jean and Christ B

Happy 4th of July; I love baking.

Harvesting elderberries

My friends from 45 to 55 years ago

Oma and Aubrey Joy, hitting the golf ball

Crazy Oma with her grandchildren

51 years of marriage resulting in 2 blessed sons, 2 daughter-in-love and 6 wonderful grandchildren








 "Angels All Around Us" Written by Gloria Bodenmuller.

Music written by Becky Hobbs and Don Goodman.

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